Netball World Cup Results – Australia

1963, Eastbourne, England – Gold

1967, Perth, Australia – Silver

1971, Kingston, Jamaica – Gold

1975, Auckland, New Zealand – Gold

1979, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago – Gold (joint winners with New Zealand, Trinidad & Tobago)

1983, Singapore City, Singapore – Gold

1987, Glasgow, Scotland – Silver

1991, Sydney, Australia – Gold

1995, Birmingham, England – Gold

1999, Christchurch, New Zealand – Gold

2003, Kingston, Jamaica – Silver

2007, Auckland, New Zealand – Gold

2011, Singapore City, Singapore – Gold

2015, Sydney, Australia – Gold

2019, Liverpool, England - Silver

Commonwealth Games Results – Australia

1998, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Gold

2002, Manchester, England – Gold

2006, Melbourne, Australia – Silver

2010, New Delhi, India – Silver

2014, Glasgow, Scotland – Gold

The Australia National Netball Team, commonly known as the Australian Netball Diamonds, represent Australia in international netball tests and competitions. The team was formed in 1938 and played in the first international game of netball against New Zealand.

Australia have traditionally been regarded as the most successful netball team in international netball: they have won ten of the thirteen World Netball Championships, in addition to being the current world champions and ranked first in the INF World Rankings.


The Diamonds compete annually in a home-and-away test series, the Constellation Cup, with perennial rivals New Zealand. Regular test matches are also held with other major netball countries, including England and Jamaica. To date, Australia have won ten World Championships and three Commonwealth Games events. The Australian diamonds won the 2015 trophy in Sydney, New South Wales 

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